Christian Hip Hop Artist JeVo’n has released a new single titled ”Listen”, featuring JustPierre.

‘Listen’ is a song that addresses the activities of hypocrites. Hypocrites don’t practice what they preach. They say one thing, but do another. There are many people who claim all Christians are hypocrites without knowing the definition of the word and without knowing what being a Christian means.

Sometimes people have backslidden, but if someone is truly a child of God they will not continue to live in carnality. God will work in the lives of His children to conform them into the image of Christ. We must pray that God removes the spirit of hypocrisy from our lives.

‘Listen’ below;


[Chorus: JeVo’n] Beware, beware of itching ears
It capitalizes all your fears
Just so you can get that feel good
This double edge is cutting the way that it should, I mean
They don’t hear me though
They don’t, they don’t hear me though, yeah
They don’t hear me though
They don’t, they don’t hear me though, yeah
They don’t hear me though
They don’t, they don’t hear me though, yeah
They don’t hear me though
They don’t, they don’t hear me though

[Verse 1: JeVo’n] Every time you speak the truth, they do not listen
If you love Him, you’ll obey, that makes us Christians
But pride’s before destruction, that’s a heavy fall
I got a headache, I’ma need some holy tylenol
Who say, soothsayers will inherit the truth
They can’t determine what the Bible really says to you
Test the spirit by the spirit, get the Holy Ghost
Discernment’s really needed, like an overdose
Okay, what did God say, about those being so lukewarm
I would rather have a life of peace, than a life that’s full of storms
I gotta warn them, about the way that they sin
But they will not like me, we will never be friends till the end
I’m saying

[Chorus: JeVo’n] [Verse 2: JustPierre] If you knew how many people that’s living like the devil
But claim to be godly, it’ll shock you like laundry
They the walking dead, so it’s safe to call ’em zombies
I was right there, man, that life is so blinding
Jesus came to save us from sin, not in sin
He said He’s knocking, if you answer, then He gon’ come in
We often hear this Scripture quoted to unbelievers
But this was written to a church in Laodicea
So what He’s saying is astounding
You’ve been doing things about me, without me
Having a form of godliness, but you doubt me
If you are of such then get from ’round me
1 John chapter 2 verse 6
If we say we’re in Christ, we must walk as He did
Live as He lived, ’cause the time has now arrived
Let the worshippers arise, put your hands up, high
And surrender it, every hindrance, your deliverance, it draws nigh
God’s limitless, His omnipotence makes a difference in our lives
So give it all to the Father
Obedience puts us in line with His promise
No good thing will He withhold if we follow
The blessings of the LORD maketh rich with no sorrow, huhhh

[Chorus: JeVo’n]


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