AUDIO: Sammie Mcauley + Mayo – ”Made For This” | @mayomatesun, @spiritualbeatz |

Here’s another one from @spiritualbeatz of the Loveworld Music & Art Records. Mayo and Sammie collaborates to bring you this lovely song titled  “Made For This”, a fresh & upbeat track that promises to lift your spirit any day!

No matter the circumstance, remember that your life is for glory & beauty. This is a song of affirmation for the citizens of Zion all around the world. You were made to flourish; your life was Made For This!

Prod. By The Spirit filled @spiritualbeatz


AUDIO: Nellie Joy – “Dide” (Arise) | @eeNJay_Omotayo |

Giving God praise doesn’t get any better than this!!

Omotayo Nellie Joy is an amazing vocalist with a heart of worship unto God. Her songwriting gift has given birth to this inspiring song of Praise titled ‘Dide’ (Arise) is a song that lifts the heart of all and sundry to remember the Goodness and mercy that God bestows upon us day by day.

Arise and give God Praise.



AUDIO: SammyKing – “Living Water” | @sammykingk4j |

”The greatest wish of a man is having his/her heart desire met”, these were the words that inspired Sammy king to write this song.

Sammy king by God’s grace is a music artist, a writer and music director; He is one of the dynamic and inspirational speakers of our generation, transforming live’s through Music (a soul winner) and a coach to so many youth. By profession, a cinematographer but has deep passion for gospel music.

He is one of the top soloist in the largest choir in the world and has several awards. Sammy king, undoubtedly is really gifted with God’s love and Grace, an amiable fellow for lovers of God, With all humility,
he is ever willing to listen & adhere to instructions that are directed accordingly through God’s leading. He is a culled out vessel only for the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. All to God’s glory alone.

This is another song by Sammy king, this will thrill your HEART and connect your SPIRIT, Tones so calm, Very easy to sing.


AUDIO: Dare Justified – ”Flourish” | @Dare_Justified |

Sequel to the release of his smashing debut single “Endless Praise”, Dare Justified five track extended Play (EP), titled ‘Flourish’ has found it’s way into the heart of people across the globe.

The song Flourish is on track 3 of the EP and it’s purely the testimony of God concerning you. It is adorned in prophetic lines just like the bible psalms with vivacious and enthusiastic tunes. Flourish delineates the realities of Grace in the life of every believer regardless of economic-downturn.

Dare Justified is wildly regarded as a praise Maestro, and flourish is a true testament to that. The lyrics and the tune of this song will make you effortlessly filled with joy and doubtless.

Other tracks in the EP include; Indescribable , Follow you, That I may know you and Endless praise.


AUDIO: Michael Law – ”Come & See” | @michaellaw247 |

How about lacking words to express what God has done? That’s a common feeling if you’re always overwhelmed by His new deeds, all you just want to tell people that ask for the reason of your joy is, “Come and See!”

Michael Law, like the woman that met Jesus by the well, cannot contain the everlasting water and love showered on him and his family. His message to all those who thirst is in the new song titled COME & SEE.



VIDEO: Victoria Cole – “I’m A Winner” (Official Video) | @VictoriaCole_M |

The official and exciting new video for the hit single, I’m A Winner by Victoria Cole is out now! Guaranteed to get you dancing. It’s exciting, dynamic, prophetic and spiritual.

The video was directed by DMA (Simplicity Studio).

Watch the uplifting visuals below: 


I’m A Winner by Victoria Cole

We are anointed

Yes we are – repeat

I m a winner

I’m a Champion

I’m at the top

I cannot lose

For my God is for me – I cannot lose

For my God is great – I cannot lose

I cannot lose for my God is with me

I cannot lose for my God is great

Old things are gone and now I’m new in Jesus Christ

We are anointed

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