ALBUM REVIEW: 12 Reasons Why Eloho’s Latest Album ‘Unrestrained’ is a MUST HAVE! | @ElohoEfemuai |

Eloho UnrestrainedCheck out our review of one of the most anticipated album of the year 2016, it is the brand new album by sensational UK based worship leader, Eloho titled ‘Unrestrained’. Our track by track analysis will give an insight why you need to buy this album when it finally drops come July 31st.

  1. Speechless: A very creative intro, quite fitting for an introductory track. Good acoustic and bass progressions, choral vocal presence was achieved…very achieved if I’d say. The theme of the song ushers one into a sequel of admiration for God, appreciating him for His love. This is a good way to start any gospel song, reverence the God head before brazakulizing the listeners in the ensuing track. The singers confidence was reflected on how she enjoyed herself and delivered on the record.
  2. To our God: Personally, i am a lover for a dramatic energetic intro in any song. The rock guitar strumming at the beginning of this song prepared me to want to further listen to this song. The most important element in the song has to be the dynamics of the medleys, very fluid (hitting those minors), well executed and arranged. The instrumentation too kind of just adds to the body of the song, it fattens the emotion. Once again, that guitar strum in the bridge? OMG! Take me home.
  3. Worship Medley ft. Gracey: At first i thought i was listening to a 90’s classic with the arrangement of the intro of this song. Maybe the simplest song off the record with the characteristics of its harmonic processing (call and response) but definitely something inspiring! Good investment of vocals into the back up, the organization facilitated a smooth blend of harmonies. Theme of song is quite notable, another song emphasizing the depth and magnitude of God. Great Job
  4. He’s Alive: Wow! Gospel music on a House/pop genre? Definitely wasn’t expecting it. Befitting chorus, good lyrics, melodic rythmization was well executed but energy level wasn’t well propelled in the voice, quite a few factors could have equated to that as it seemed instrumentation definitely had more intensity than the vocal, especially the drums (song couldn’t keep up with the drum roll pattern).
  5. Once again ft Anna Barton: Great feature on this record in Anna, she delivered soothing vocals to usher the listener into an organized ambiance of harmonic serenade. Song pretty much speaks for itself, simple and well executed. Chorus was the highlight of it for me, very emotional. The lead singer does good to guide and follow through with the back up choir to ensure the pressure isn’t reduced
  6. Holy,Holy ft Nathan & Tolusacks: The first thing i appreciate in any record is the amount of creativity that emanates into my ears, the African drum percussion in the first few moments of the song impressed me. Good job in remodeling a household hymnal, a little spice in creativity will make a 30 year old song sound new again.
  7. Jesus, we love you: Good vocal entrance, i also like the fact that she maintained the intensity of the voice and avoided topsy turvys. Soft rock requires a lot of vocal presence if it is to convey the emotion it should, the back up vocals did good (but could be better). The dynamism of the chorus was as I expected, simple to sing along to and well constructed all round, melodies, harmonies and choice of notes.
  8. The Name of Jesus ft Isabella: At first, I didn’t expect that she’d usher the song in this way deep into the compilation but then again,hey! Creativity is appreciated in variance over here. She knew what had to be done and did it.
  9. He’ll do it again ft Florocka: Need i say again that anything Flo touches turns to gold? (Fan of flo). Notice the percussive drums? The follow through trumpet? The vocal dexterity? The Indian-like banjo harmonic patterns? All i can say is that the songstress did well featuring towards her strength. The duet they both ran towards the end of the record was seamlessly delivered.
  10. Mighty God: I think I understand the concept that is being passed along on this song, the most dominant factor being presented are the voices, most especially the cadence of the words and the message. However, i feel an essential element was being left out, that is a fuller instrumentation. The song started introducing more instruments towards the end of the song.
  11. Fearless: Another guitar serenade! Years back, if you heard this song, one would assume it was either Hillsong choir or Planet shakers or another big band abroad but no! Or, should we just say living abroad has helped shaped Eloho’s sound for the better? We are finally making exportable contents that can fly in the world market. Good song, great theme and enjoyable melodies. Smooth vibes
  12. Praise Jam ft Sunkey: The switch up and mix of the classic brass and stamp progressions had me like wow! I never thought this regular church song could be sang this way. The instrumentation metaphorically set my ears on fire,the dynamism and complementation of each other is just too seamless. Sunkey bringing another flavor to the song too gave it a versatility that isn’t common in most songs. Splendid job


Great song altogether, good use of instruments, chords and progressions, experienced and well researched lyrical content, quality featuring and most importantly a genuine medium to promote God

However, a major challenge is the engineering (mix – master) of the song. A whole lot of low end frequencies were sitting at the base of the song hence occupying the mid area thereby limiting the authority of the vocals to an extent. Just a few good tweaks here and there should do the trick.

Congratulations, Eloho for another classic album.

Album Available HERE


Diplomatic Sound Factory Reviews Sokleva’s Latest Album ”Fistful of Stones” | @SoklevaHughes, @diplomaticsound |

84-1450042710-FISTFUL_OF_STONES_1Sokleva of Rooftop MC’s released his solo album ‘Fist of Stones’ recently. Check out this very interesting review by producer and a member of the GospelCentric review team Diplo. He gives us a track by track analysis of songs in the album. Here we;

1. Seasons ft Okey sokay & spaceship boy

I wasn’t expecting this on any level from Sokleva, delivering dope rap lines on a typical dance-hall beat. The delivery on the medley was on point, the dynamism of the chorus gives a whole new feel (nice one at it because it makes it sound fuller). Even though I couldn’t make out the part of the song where Spaceshipboi came on, maybe he and Sokleva just sound alike (lol). The song has a very feel good vibe with it, instrumentation was well orchestrated, it gave room for vocal expressions always putting the focus on the voice, this for me was a very important feat well achieved considering the song needed all the attention it could get. Lastly that line …”they don’t come close like a bunch of vic-o’s had me falling off the chair..very illegal sokleva, very illegal.. lol, my heart still hurts from the punch of that line. Great job.

2. Helicopter flow ft LC Beats

I really looked forward to enjoying the rap on this but the grimy instrumentation made it hard to focus on the voice. Usually, in 808/Crunk/Trap productions, the vocals usually enjoy superb clarity sitting in the instrumental, this didn’t really allow that. Though positive highlights too can be spotted in the song, the feature of the Yoruba flow brought life to the vibe, the chorus possesses a catchy trait. As usual, Sokleva delivers insightful rap lines, it was just hard to focus on it when the low end frequencies are trying to fry your ear drums.

3. GGM feat. Nolly

I was looking forward to when Trap beats would be laid with the gospel by a Nigerian artist and today I am happy I got to experience it (lol). The essence of this song is grime and everything about this song carefully executes the concept, Sokleva coming in with the rap at the beginning was just exactly how the song needed to kick off, the transition to the piano, the syn-th? Very energetic! The build up of the chorus just provokes the emotion inside of your belly. The vocal chops and transitions in the song are very impressive. God’s really got me bruh!

4. Category feat XL2Letters & Gamie

This was already fire to my ears from the intro, the hip hop piano starting off set the mood already, then when the percussive brass came on, it was orgasmic. The power in the voice of XL2 was really needed to kick start the song, the way he flowed on the song made it look like school was in session, although I felt more power could have come in handy in the last 6 bars but great job nonetheless. 2nd verse, hmmm! Gamie! Gamie! Gamie! Lets give him the class captain of this particular song, he took the song to the morgue, no offense but he killed everyone on this. The chorus embodies a very under stable poetry which would be the first point of call for the average listener. Good song

5. Shine

I am a sucker for percussive instruments in any genre of song, how this song combined salsa rumba conga pattern in a reggeaton beat is very very commendable. I didn’t even believe the combination myself until it all came together. Sokleva can be very proud of this particular song, if he isn’t I can be proud for him. The rhythm is sweet (yes! I said it, sweet), the melody he created out of this is just pure inspiration, and it was obvious he really enjoyed making this one. This easily could be my favourite song on the compilation, this is something I would love to listen to after a long day or in a very tight traffic when everything is going so tense, the vibe will soothe the nerves. This is wonderful monsieur

6. In the Up ft Protek

This is a classic lyrical prowess type of record, they don’t make them like this no more. I believe this song speaks for itself. The most highlighted feature in it for me tho has to be the hook with the telephonic filter effect, I think it was awesome. Need I mention that both parties delivered their lyrics right, just the right amount of chill that was needed.

7. Hot

“I’m a vet with the bars”….I think we all can agree this is legit 100% sokleva was obviously just putting out his vibe on this. The character of the chorus allows you understand just how much swag he’s putting out. When I heard the chorus, the first line that stuck was in the chorus “jesu mi shi relevant…” that alone can be a trap gospel on its own, lol. Once again the engineering of the low end frequencies didn’t really impress me.

8. Haya

When I heard this song, I was vibing very hard to it. This competes with shine for best song on the compilation for me. Once again, how does Sokleva come up with this melodies he sings? The chorus alone got me seventy seven times everyday. The delivery of the rap was very sharp, eloquent, traditional and easy to follow. The way this songs engages the listener is incredible. The bass line has to be the best part of the instrumentation. Kudos! I’m so dancing all day to this, nuff said…the song speaks for itself. Its been a while we had a gospel dance song that has this much vibe in it even with so few elements in the instrument, I guess the vocal medleys and the instruments combined flawlessly all the while stressing the magnitude of the gospel, wow!

9. Not bad Enoff feat. Soul

I believe no other person could have combined perfectly with Sokleva on this song than soul, the transition between the two of them is slicker than a Steph Curry fade away. The melody is top notch, the way sokleva delivers his rap on this joint, very simple, words weren’t struggling for accentuation. The transition of the Organs way into the song was a classic piece, im very impressed with this outcome here. Soul’s reggea kinda voice is a blessing, good kleva saw that. The synth solo that came in on the third hook can do no wrong at all, great ad libs by Soul.

10. Baba God ft. Provabs

Owanbe of life. The way this song builds up makes me want to go wear my ankara and turn up for the lord. Good afro melodies, the kind of song you will move to (unconsciously even if you don’t want to). The way the rap flows come on the vibe is just perfection, adds essence to the pattern of the song.. The chorus makes one want to do the limpopo dance (like Kcee, lol)

11. Shakara

I really don’t know how I feel about this song, maybe because it’s so different from all I heard from the first track but then again so is the dynamism of sokleva. I feel the song would have been more entertaining on another catchy instrumental. The instrumental takes the song back to the early 2000 kind of hip hop, I thought we were past that? Might be useful to put into consideration that Sokleva is the person that will combine a retro sound with a house pattern and still make an afro rap on it, so….explore the full depths of your sound bro

12. Lift him up

A classical hip hop record with poetic delivery that portrays representation of an inanimate thing as being humane, though very short I really feel like the essence of what he had to say had been said already. Good job

After a long delay in reviewing this compilation due to the simple fact that I didn’t know what to expect but with ensuing listens, I started to understand the perspective the artist was trying to illuminate on. Taking into consideration the poetic expression, the melodies, featured artists and other variables, I can gladly say this is a very versatile album that embodies a lot of creative uniqueness. GOOD JOB SOKLEVA!

ALBUM REVIEW: Check Out Our Review of Bridget Kern’s Latest Album ”No One Greater” | @BridgettKern |

BRIDGET KERNFollowing the successful release of her single HE SHALL REIGN- best described in as an embodiment of a praise anthem.

Bridget Kern introduces the world yet to a glimpse of what praise and worship will be in heaven through the release of her 11 track debut album with DREAM Gospel Records. Her vibrant passion filled and inspirational worship Album titled NO ONE GREATER all came together through the assemblage of extraordinary musicians and songwriters.

Contemporary Christian songwriters such as BJ Putnam (known to have worked with Israel Houghton and Darlene Zschech) , Melody Putnam, Doug and Laurie Enquist, Lucia Parker, Adam Ranney, Riley Enquist, Josh Lopez and Freddie Rodriguez released their song writing competence into the album. Whilst BJ Putnam took the lead at producing the project, musician and producer Buddy Strong ( Known for working with Marvin Sapp, Coko/SWV, Alvin Slaughter and Usher ) took the reign as music director. Henry Seeley of Planet Shakers was on the lead guitar and Aaron Spears took care of the drums.

Here is the track listing.

01 He Shall Reign

02 No One Greater

03 Never Leave Me Alone

04 Filled

05 Heaven Come Down

06 I Will Exalt

07 In You

08 We Worship You

09 Place Of Healing

10 Jesus Our King

11 Not Going Back

Here at Gospelcentric we believe that the upbeat vibrant tempo of the songs will take the listener to special joyful, inspired and uplifted place in worship. Speaking on the album Bridget says:

“My deepest passion and sole purpose is to set an atmosphere where people are focused on God… I want people to understand that worship is a lifestyle that reflects Gods influence”.

Ensure that you support this project by purchasing on all outlets (Amazon, iTunes or Google Play) and for more information visit

REVIEW: Dr. Claire Reviews IBK Spaceshipboi’s Latest Single ”Lovers Dance” (Wa Gba) | @spaceshipboi, @clairelyclaire |

Wa gba31600x1600Hi guys, now this song stirred all kinds of beautiful emotions in my soul.

Musically speaking, I would describe this piece as an outstanding display of the creativity of our God in the artist. As beautiful and light hearted as the lyrics of this song are, I am led to write that it also remarkably reflects the understanding and heart that the artist has for God.

IBK’s choice of rhythm, language and of course the harmony is beautiful and soul gripping. I definitely wanted to head straight to the dance floor with my beloved. I couldn’t categorically tie his musical expression to a particular genre as it is very eclectic in my own words I could say it could be called the biblical manna( that is whatever you want it to be).

Lovers dance definitely beckons on couples to be free to express their love for one another without fear, through dance whilst encouraging them to love one another as Christ loved the church.

IBK’s Infusion of diverse languages and particularly West African tongues (mainly Nigerian dialects) into the song further intensifies the richness of the lyrics. Not to bore you with that if it isn’t your cup of tea. However this song should be in the playlist of every couple in every season. I wouldn’t give more away be sure to purchase the song on Itunes and other outlets so you keep dancing to the rhythm of Love with no fear.

Get ”Lovers Dance” on iTunes HERE



Dr. Claire (@clairelyclaire)


ALBUM REVIEW: Dr. Claire Reviews AsOne Self-Titled Debut Album ”AsOne” | @AsOneMusic | @clairelyclaire |

AsOne_s_Album_CoverEarlier in the year, Gospel Music’s first ever interracial female duo, AsOne, announced the official street date for their forthcoming self-titled debut album AsONE. The album is set to be released in stores and online everywhere tomorrow Tuesday, June 23 on Capitol Christian Music Group/360MusicWorx/Universal Music Group.

The 8-track self-titled Album feature’s Artistes such as Lamar Campbell and the Spirit of Praise on (best known for the popular hit song “I Love You Jesus/More Than Anything). 10 time Grammy Award Winner Mark Kibble of the gospel group Take 6 and Stellar Award Music rapper DA T.R.U.T.H appear as guests on the album. The line of artists on this project sure makes it a piece that every true gospel music lover wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Here is the track listing:

1.Hero (feat. Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise)
2. Love Won (feat. Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise)
3. One (feat. Da’ T.R.U.T.H and Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise)
4. Born To Die
5. He’s Faithful
6. Love Is A Better Way
7. All I Need Is You
8. You Prayed Me Through (feat. Mark Kibble of Take 6)

The Album is a congregation of diverse sounds and distinct musical qualities that pushes the listener to wanting more. Every track on this album is a musical surprise and a must listen. The album strongly explores themes of Love, Unity and Hope. Whilst I believe that the title track HERO is a must listen for every music lover. However here at Gospel centric we find the message in the song LOVE WON ( track 2 featuring Lamar Campbell and spirit of Praise) a very timely message particularly this season in the world where it appears that conflict and hatred seem to thrive. The song is a strong reminder that Love already won. Watch out for the release of this album, support them and be greatly inspired.

Dr. Claire (@clairelyclaire)

ALBUM REVIEW: Half Mile Home – ”Don’t Judge Me” | @halfmilehome |

Don't Judge MeThe album by Half Mile Home ( Don’t Judge Me) contains an impressive collection of contemporary gospel tunes, performed in contemporary style. This group has a distinct style of music which could be viewed as a subtle infusion of various genres but predominantly R and B. Their style of music would definitely remind every Gospel music lover of legendary world acclaimed gospel artists and Groups such as Men of standard, Commissioned, Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Byron Cage and the likes. Whilst they remind us these artists, we will not fail to mention that the depth of the lyrics and messages in each of the songs will sure bless, comfort and inspire the listener. As a result of the impassioned rendition of these songs, we dare say that each of the songs are a hit in its own right.

The Album consists of 11 soul stirring and intensely inspirational songs. One of such songs is the time for a breakthrough song that motivates one to move on and move up into the required breakthrough the desired place for victory.

Here at we perceive that this song has a timely message for the body of Christ and everybody who listens to it. For despite the darkness all around it is time for breakthrough and advancement. One the lines of the song profoundly say , “ keep on thriving no more crying its time for your breakthrough”.

The song “Paid it all” I would personally call my restoration song … oh, the lyrics of the song.. beautiful.. reduces me in tears as it reminds me that Jesus paid it all for me. The song is an intensely passionate and harmonious tale of Christ’s redemptive work on Calvary.

The song “Show Love” encourages us to give love away … it tells the story of painful experiences of people and how the blessing of loving them in their time of desperation is all they need.. so “saying I love you just won’t do” .. “little girl needs to know”.

We would highly recommend this album for your daily dose of motivation and encouragement with songs like trying, How much longer which basically gives the believer hope in a desperate situation.

Other tracks in the album are beautiful in their own right, but we won’t want to give out all the details be sure to purchase it on iTunes.
#Musicthat Speaks.