5 Things “PowerFlow Videos” Compilation Reveals About Monique! | @mqmonique, @mikeabdulng|

Spaghetti Records released the compilation video titled “PowerFlow Videos” for Gospel music minister Monique in July. The video goes beyond putting together the works of the wave making Gospel music artiste but also shows her personality in a dynamic way.

They say a picture can tell a thousand words, how many do you, then think we can learn from a motion picture where the object of interest speaks at varying degrees about her ministry and personality?

We met forehand the professional singer and the anointed minister. We are giving a first seat view into how the 2 elements come together to create excellence in her ministry. Monique speaks on how this uniqueness makes her work a tool for evangelism creating a platform for the Holy Spirit to manifest.

Monique gets more personal as she takes us back to her debut into the music ministry. The hit song “Oba Gbogbo Aiye” is a testimony of the saving grace of God but the amazing thing is the fact that the whole world is singing this testimony with Monique, thereby birthing even a greater testimony. Monique is simply grateful that she is able to put the praise of God on the lips of people all around the world.

As a family oriented person, Monique gives praises to God for the lives around her. She speaks explicitly about the certain members of her family of whom she is grateful to God for their presence in her life, and how their influence has impressed on her qualities.

Due to the multi faceted persona of this music diva, it’s easy to create a frame for her in one’s mind. Monique also set this straight without making a frantic effort to justify herself. She opened up the scope that makes up Monique and leaves the audience with the privilege of making conclusion based on this scope.

“It is very easy to watch my videos and conclude on who I am, it is also very easy to read about me in some certain places and conclude on who I am… but I am more than [what you see on] the surface” – Monique.

Victories are certainly motivation that makes us believe God for greater testimonies. The same is true for the Gospel music diva. Being a wife, a mother, a child and a student can definitely weigh on a ministry such as that of a singer but Monique tells us the secret behind her balance – but you will have to watch the video to find out.

The video is definitely an expository into the ministry and personality of Monique, which cannot be exhausted in a single write-up. It is not everyday we get to meet a music minister face-to-face and this compilation provides us with such opportunity, one you will like to keep around you for a long time!

Watch the video below:

From Dunghill To Balling! Get Inspired By Same OG’s Story Ahead Of August 10 Release! | @its_Same_OG |

Christian Hip Hop artiste Same OG has kept mum about the focus of her August 10 release, nevertheless, there has been a lot of buzz about the artiste in the past days and we took some time to put the spotlight on Same OG.

After the video for her single “I Ball”, not much has been heard from her, as per music, but the impact of “I Ball” was big enough to sustain her, till the big announcement of the yet-to-be-known release.

Same OG is synonymous with excellence, this can be seen in her production, her brand and her mode of delivery. From the get-go, she has set herself aside for greatness. As her sound blares through the airwaves, it is impossible she bypasses you unnoticed.

It wasn’t all blue skies and sunshine for the baller however. Same OG was lifted from the dunghill, so she can lift others. She has known some grey days coming up. She chronicles her journey on her official website grafting her pain and passion vividly. You would grasp her persona and purpose before the vocabulary is conjured in your mind.

Losing her dad to cancer, and her mom, in a short space was a blow no one can be well prepared for. Kicked to the streets and separated from the rest of her family by circumstance, Same OG tried hard to grope out of the dark, buffeted by hunger and suicidal thoughts, she stuck to her passion and it eventually made a way.

Being a scriptwriter and content officer for the online platforms of a firm in Lagos was a breath of fresh air. With the rest of her family attended, she scuttled her way back to her first love – music.

While speaking with SelahAfrik‘s Alex Amos, she attested that music was one of the reasons she was able to pull through the periods of ordeal.

“I had to even do corporate begging”, she chuckled ruefully. “Through those times, music was what kept me going.”

Aside the critically acclaimed single “I Ball”, other songs by Same OG includes, “Give it All”, featuring New-School rapper Limoblaze“Carry Me Dey Go” and “I Believe”, featuring Soul. The single “I Ball” has a beautiful lyrics video and official video complimenting the wave making release.

Expect Same OG’s newest release August 10, 2017.


Twitter | Instagram: @its_sameog

Web: www.sameog.com 

ARTICLE: ”Why You Cannot Access Wisdom for Your Music Project” by Olumati Isaiah | @MrOlumatiI |

The Music Business and My Bible.

Why you cant Acess WISDOM for your music project

1 Kings 3:7-13

I can imagine a man who have had no experience whatsoever with Latin sitting in for an exam, waiting to write a Latin exam. He prays and say;

Dear Lord give me the wisdom to write and pass this exam.

We both know his failure is assured.

The scripture above details the request King Solomon made to God for wisdom and how God granted his demand and more.

There are many believers out there requesting for wisdom daily, but sadly you see that a lot fail the test of wisdom. The question now becomes; Is God now short of giving out wisdom to his children like he did to Solomon?

Today’s thought cuts across every spheres of life but as usual I like to stay within the armbits my comfort zone which is the music business.

Ability is sensitive to capacity. This goes to say, responsibility is given according to capacity. God does not give you a blessing for the fun of it. Your requirement or demand from God must fit purpose and if you don’t fit for the purpose, you do not fit for the ability.

What business has all of this with the music business you would ask. Follow me and I will tie it up shortly.

Solomon asked God for wisdom, many of us keep asking God for wisdom and wonder why we have not received yet. What we often don’t see or take note of is the fact that wisdom is a higher level to knowledge. Take note of the word “Knowledge”

Popularly defined we say that wisdom is the application of knowledge.

Knowledge is a prequsite for wisdom.

Solomon was first a Prince. Princes are trained to be knowledgeable with virtually everything that has to do with life. This is how they are prepared for Kingship. Knowledge was something Solomon had. He was aware!!

Many people especially Christians in the music business are not aware. They don’t know and don’t know that they don’t know. They often are in either of two classes of ignorance; Assertive Ignorance or Determined ignorance and most times they suffer both, laced with denial, praying in tongues and the “ministry” excuse, by the way Ministry is not a synonym for cluelessness or ignorance (another day another time).

You can’t experience wisdom at something you have no knowledge about. When Solomon asked for wisdom he asked for administrative wisdom. Wisdom to lead, to rule, guide the people, and have the right sense of judgement. That was wisdom in his area of specialty. He had been trained to be King, to be an administrator. He was well Knowledgeable as an administrator.

Do you know enough of your responsibility and requirement as a music business person? As a Gospel artist if you are brought before a group of artists like you who are of the secular can you teach the rudiments of the music, music business and performance without hidding under the idea of “Grace and Miracle”? Don’t get me wrong, Grace and miracle are needed but knowledge is an academic experience. Do you have it and can you express it? Seeking grace and miracles without knowledge is a sad place to be at.

Now the times are hard. Budget is a challenge. You need to have your music done, you need to promote your works , you need to make your video, you need strategy but you have no knowledge how this works how then can you access the wisdom to go around it? You don’t have a base and you want Wisdom?

Many times the things we experience as miracles and grace as Christians in the music business is God working twice as hard to protect his name and save our faces. Not that we qualify or are responsible enough to get it.

God does not bless a vaccum. You really want to do well in the music business and hope to get wisdom from God, then know the business for what it is and what it is worth.

You really want to know why you can’t access wisdom for your project? Check your knowledge bank.


Olumati Isaiah. C is best described as a thought leader and strategist.

He is a music business executive , Principal Mirus Empire ¦ Personal and Corporate Effectiveness trainer with a knack for sales and distribution.

He is Writer of the sort series Talented But Stuck, The Music Business and My Bible.

The convener and lead facilitator of Sales man’s Class and the Music Business Session.


OLUMATI, Isaiah. C

Principal, Mirus Empire

+234803-877-8408, +23481-741-03182
Facebook ¦ Twitter ¦ Instagram : @MrOlumatii

SPOKEN WORD: ARM – ‘This Means War’ | Ft. Trusouth | @thelifeofarm, |

In Christianity, we’re daily engaged in a fight. Not a fight with gun but a war for the souls of men. Yes, we preach, teach and reach out in love; but when it comes to ensuring that one more soul is translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of God’s Dear Son, we don’t play cool. We take it by force!

Spoken word artiste Amaka Rachael Mordi also known as ARM has released thought provoking spoken word piece titled ‘This Means War’, featuring RapEvangelist TruSouth. #ThisMeansWar is for all of Christendom.

Follow the link, download, listen and ensure every Christian around you hears this message. For the time is short and there’s yet more to be done.


SPOKEN WORD: Jeremie Van Garshong – ‘SURRENDER’ (A Real Life Narration) | @jeremie2131 |

Radio and Television broadcaster Jeremie Van Garshong narrates her first encounter with God in this powerful spkoen word piece titled ”Surrender”.

‘This is not a song. It’s a real life narration of my first true encounter with God. It’s raw as I whisper into your ear. So raw you can hear me cry. But I don’t mind sharing my deepest moment with you. Listen till the end. You’ll understand…’ – Jeremie 

Listen to ‘Surrender’ below;

Chicago Educator-Veriner James Launches New School Exousia Leadership Academy for Girls-Chicago, IL | @exousialeadership |

In an age, where youth are being impacted daily by social trends, media and peer pressure, community leaders and educators have taken a stand to properly educate youth on how to become “Agents of Change” in today’s society.

In the early 1980’s, Chicago birthed it’s own, “Agent of Change”, Veriner James, from the city’s south side, who understood at a young age, the importance of structure and education.  Veriner James, later blossomed into a highly successfuladministrator and educator, who has served in some of Chicago’s hardest hit communities since 2001. 

Growing up in a household, where both parents made it a priority, that she would received the best education, Veriner was confident that, education was the key to changing the community around her.  

“My parents worked hard to ensure, we had a quality education. My father worked two full time jobs to put my brother and I through Private elementary and high school.”-Veriner James

In 2017, Veriner James “took charge” and decided to make a change, when she founded, Exousia Leadership Academy for Girls, which will be the first all girl’s STEAM Middle School in Chicago, IL.  Like the meaning of Exousia, the students will learn how to walk in authority, power and carry influence as “Agents of Change”. 

Exousia Leadership Academy for Girls is a non-profit private school, whose mission is to provide an integrated educational system of high standards to engage all students in an academically rigorous project based curricula, promoting a strong foundation in the sciences, technology, engineering, arts, and math relevant to real world context and building on student character, health, and community assets to prepare students for future academic endeavors. Exousia Leadership Academy for Girls is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2018.

It’s no surprise, that Veriner James has taken major steps to build and develop an institution of learning for young girls in Chicago.  As an educator for over 15 years, she has been successful in devising plans that decrease inappropriate behaviors school-wide, increase student achievement and support teachers by implementing strategies that evaluate and improve their instructional practices.

Veriner James has been recognized for having an authentic “Grace” and ability to connect with, direct and instruct youth of all ages.  James’ gifts were being cultivated, early in her life as she interacted with family and friends.   “As a little girl, I always wanted to be the person “In Charge”. When my cousins and I played house, I was the mother. When we played school, I was the teacher. When we played church, I was the preacher. Looking back, I didn’t realize those moments in my childhood were preparing me, for moments in my life, where I’d need to “take charge.” -Veriner James

Exousia Leadership Academy for Girls, Veriner James is dedicated to providing a quality education, that challenges young girls, to identify who they are, by shaping their minds and character, growing them into women who will one day transform the world.As the Head of School for 

Mrs. James holds a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Science (National Louis University), a Master of Arts in Secondary Education (University of Phoenix) and second Master of Arts in School Leadership (Concordia University). She is currently working towards attaining her doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. When Mrs. James is not in the classroom, she enjoys traveling with her husband and son. 

For more info visit: www.elag.online


Click to hear more from-Head of School-Veriner James

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