What better way to start the year than with Joy, Dancing, a grateful heart and a mouth filled with Praises to the Most High God!…​

In this ‘locally flavoured’ song ‘DOH’ meaning Thanks, lily Perez expressed her gratitude in ‘Pigeon English’ as she features the award winning trumpeter and singer Kwitee.

She says “my New year wishes for You is; you’ll have REASONS to be grateful and shout Doh! Doh!! Doh!!! Oghene Doh ! all year round, Amen.!

Doh is from her SEAT OF VICTORY recently released Album.

Download, Enjoy and share.



  1. Giddyvibes

    January 11, 2018 (19:36) Reply

    Lovely song.. God bless you, your source of inspiration will never run dry

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