After the success of their viral track titled ‘God On Top’, Doxa Gorac’s ambassadors team up once again to deliver an amazing song titled “BLESSED”. A perfect combo of afro pop and hip hop music.

Blessed is a song that reminds you of who you are and your heritage in Christ. We are not lucky people, WE ARE BLESSED.




Counting blessing running outta numbers
The things i see omo i come dey wonder
Blessings overtake o anywhere I enter
I tell them say my God go make them wonder oo
Kele Jehovah Boss you know the rest
We overtake you see the last is coming first
This one no be luck omo you know I’m blessed
No be luck omo the boy is blessed

Like the first day of the new year Omo see we back again
The boy tight like 10% i no dey lack again
Cuz one man paid the price,no haggle no bargain
Like we missed the sunrise we waiting on Jesus to come again

Oil on my head got me repping Naija Delta
Thats why you see me shine even in a couldy weather
I stay rugged you know kaki no be leather
What’s the army of the dead to a true believer

Walking through the valley of the shadow like an exodus
We just dey count all the blessings we no need abacus
Forget the tides the wave no de carry us
No I’m never sinking cuz I’m standing on the solid rock

You see I’m all dressed up in my blesse attire
They tried to cut my light buh we still dey hang the wire
And now they wondering the reason why we stay fly
My music sell like handbills you know the boy is flier

If you know you know.

Wonder wonder,wonder wonder
Understand I can’t stand under
Perfect Imperfection autocorrect when I make them blunders
And it makes them wonder
Yea they really wonder
How i got my praise up on the father from sun up to sun down

Jesus walked on water
So I’m on that walk no Johnny Walker
Walking in the spirit while He
Working in my life like workers
River of Jordan i just switched it to another flow
Erons let them know God dont need a bomb to make you bliw

Candy crush flow im on a different level
I know we all blessed buh my blessings on a different level
Stacking up that real estate
I got some mansions up in heaven
Me and Doxa on the track
The devil sef dey feel this gbedu

We too hot to handle
Rocking like a cradle
We mak their jaw drop wen they see we do the things they cant do
GO in like im taking a dive
Go hard like I cut with a knife
All of my problems
All of my worries i drown in the water of life


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